How To Use Bikini Cleanse


lose weight on bikini cleanse

Congratulations on taking the first step!  We are sure that you must have numerous concerns and questions, but fortunately Bikini Cleanse was designed to allow you to lose weight without starving, be portable for your busy schedule, and above all – Bikini Cleanse is really easy to use!  Everything you need to know is inside your Bikini Passport, but this is a basic overview.

Prepping For Your Cleanse

using bikini cleanse passport

The Bikini Passport is your guide for getting the most out of your cleanse.  Before you get started, take a few moments to read the passport and start thinking about the types of Bikini Cleanse approved meals you are going to enjoy eating during the cleanse.

choosing groceries on bikini cleanseYour first step on Bikini Cleanse is going through your kitchen cabinets and pantries, and removing as much temptation from your eyes over the next seven days as possible.  Say goodbye to booze, chips and god knows what else for the next seven days, because if it is not listed in the Bikini Passport, you are not eating it!

Your second step on Bikini Cleanse is to begin stocking those same cabinets with the ingredients for your meals.  There are 14 meals you will be eating during the cleanse, but do not worry, there are numerous recipes and shopping lists to choose from. (Subscribe to our mailing list and get even more healthy recipes.)

Get Started With A Bikini Smoothie

bikini smoothieWe recommend starting your morning with a Bikini Smoothie. (You can choose to use the Bikini Smoothie to replace lunch if you prefer.) You can mix the Bikini Smoothie with ice and water, or if you prefer, you can use almond milk for a slightly different flavor.  Mix it up and find the flavor you like best!

We like our Bikini Smoothie mixed with water and crushed ice and a blender, but you can just as easily shake it up inside of water bottle. ( We recommend a Blender Bottle.) Although this smoothie looks and tastes like a milkshake, you can throw it into a bottle go.

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Bikini Sticks For Energy and Cravings

bikini sticks to goThose inevitable cravings can ruin any cleanse, but fortunately Bikini Cleanse has you covered with Bikini Sticks.  Packed with sweet raspberry flavor, energy boosting hoodia, and fat buring ketones, these little guys will get you through any rough spots in your day. They will satisfy the sweet craving, give you a little bit of a boost, and keep you hydrated.

There are 14 Bikini Sticks in the 7 Day Cleanse. (6 in the 3 Day.) Take one sometime between breakfast and lunch, and the other some time between lunch and dinner. (We prefer one before our afternoon workouts.)

Bikini Sticks can go anywhere you can – throw them in your gym bag or leave a few in your desk at work.  Just add water, shake, and you are good to go.

Two Square Meals A Day

Your Bikini Passport provides you with all the information you need to enjoy two healthy meals per day.  We suggest having a Bikini Smoothie for breakfast, and preparing lunch and dinner, but the choice is yours.  Just remember, skipping meals will NOT help you lose more weight.

Finishing Your Day on Bikini Cleanse

how to use bikini cleanse to lose weight

Finish your long day with a soothing Bikini Tea.  The ingredients in our Bikini Tea keep working even while you are sleeping.