A Hardworking Publicist and Her Weight Loss Goals

It’s Testimonial Tuesday! Today we’re interviewing luxury fashion and jewelry publicist, and Senior Vice President  of The Lippin Group, Alexandra Lippin. She’s a hard working babe who juggles her fabulous career and her love for vacations in Mexico seamlessly.

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How did you first hear about BIKINI CLEANSE?

I first heard about Bikini Cleanse from a few friends.  When I saw it in store at Elyse Walker and some of the girls who worked there said that they were going to try it, I figured why not – I’d give it a shot.

Not one for diets, cleanses or juicing – I had my doubts.

Was this cleanse for a special occasion or trip?

More than anything this cleanse was for me and my overall feeling about my body and the way that I looked and felt.  I did have a few trips planned over the summer, and of course I wanted to feel good in my bikini but for the past year, I have been hanging on to about 10 extra pounds that I simply could not take off.  That said, I wasn’t doing much about it. I had been eating poorly and not exercising as often as I would like – so it was sort of time for a change.

What was your health regimen like before the 7-day cleanse? What’s it like now?

For the most part, I am a pretty healthy eater and am pretty consistent about working out 3-4 times per week. My weaknesses are sugar (I love candy- the gummy-rot your teeth kind) and alcohol (I enjoy drinking on the weekends…and sometimes once/twice per week). The problem with drinking is that it oftentimes leads to late night snacking…a terrible habit, I know!

 How did you feel during the cleanse? What was your biggest obstacles? What was your favorite part?

I was extremely surprised by how easy the cleanse was for me. I expected to feel hungry and to crave sugar but I wasn’t.  I felt satisfied and full with the shakes and the Bikini Sticks really helped curb my sugar cravings and need for sweets.  The greatest obstacle for me was keeping the weight off and sticking to the plan AFTER the seven days.  I enjoyed being on the cleanse mostly because I noticed a difference right away. It kept me motivated to continue and I even ended up extending the cleanse for another week- so in total I stayed on it for 13 consecutive days.

How much weight did you lose or how many inches?

I ended up losing 10-11 pounds and 3 inches from my waist, 2 from my thighs and 1 from my chest.*

How did you feel once the cleanse was over?

I felt good once the cleanse was over.  I felt more confident and more like myself. My clothing fit better and I really was more comfortable in my bikini.  It was a bit difficult to stick to the plan entirely while on vacation and I did gain back a few pounds (3 or so).

Can you tell us about your daily routine during the cleanse? What workouts did you do? What recipes did you try? Etc.

I really stuck to a formula. I had the shake for breakfast or lunch subbing out the meal with a piece of salmon/grilled chicken/scrambled egg whites and some veggies (like an artichoke, half of an avocado or broccoli). I was not terribly hungry when it came time for dinner but I ate very clean (mostly grilled chicken, ahi tuna or lean steak and a side of veggies). I found that it was easy to stay away from alcohol and that the bikini sticks really curbed my cravings.

Is there anything special you want to share with us? Any stories?

I am incredibly grateful to the founder, Nicole for inspiring me to try Bikini Cleanse, for rooting me on while I was on the plan and for encouraging me to stick with it.  Her enthusiasm and encouragement really made me feel great about what I had committed to and proud to show off my results.  I would 100% do the cleanse again- but honestly, I hope to just live a cleaner lifestyle all of the time.  I realize that when you don’t eat sweets, you don’t crave sweets and that is certainly something that can make a big difference.  Bikini Cleanse works – it’s definitely worth it!

*Individual results may vary
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