Spring Cleansing Detox Water

Spring is here and this season we’re not just spring cleaning, we’re spring cleansing! It’s time to get rid of that stubborn winter weight and prepare for the upcoming summer season! Let the clean bug catch you, start fresh and feel fab! Are you ready to clear the clutter? Join us in our spring cleansing at Bikini Cleanse and get your body back to basics!

In an attempt to really detox this season, we’re providing you with even more cleansing power! We’re providing you with a few detox water recipes that aid in liver, weight, and body cleansing. Water normally does a great job getting rid of the toxins in your body, but these additional ingredients amp up your water for even better results! Most of these detoxes are not 100% Bikini Cleanse approved since most contain fruits that are not on the Approved Bikini List. However, feel free to enjoy these detoxes pre or post cleanse for even more spring cleansing!


Apple Cinnamon Detox Water – With almost zero calories, this detox aid is easy, clean, and perfect for shedding those few stubborn pounds. As we’ve previously mentioned in other posts (link), cinnamon is a great spice to speed up your metabolism. Add the apple for its vitamins and nutrients and voila: a tasty, slimming water detox. Take ½ of an organic, green apple and slice into discs. Put into a jug or to-go water container of at least 8 ounces of water. Add cinnamon to desired amount.

Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Water – When it comes to dehydration, we love getting our hands on some cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of the most hydrating vegetables because they’re mostly made of water. With the additional nutrients, this helps add the extra boost in your water! Simply use 1 whole, organic cucumber and slice into discs. Add 2 wedges of lemon juice for the citric acid (another tool used to clear out your digestive system) and a sprig of mint for a fresh taste. Tip: Save a few cucumber slices to put over your puffy eyes to soothe and rehydrate.

Strawberry-Kiwi Detox Water – Summer may be far away, but it’s just that much closer with this strawberry-kiwi infused detox water. Kiwi is rich in vitamin A and E (the skin vitamins) and helps flush out toxins from your colin. As if this wasn’t the perfect skin mocktail already, strawberries help fight carcinogens and have anti-aging properties. Prepare with 2 liters of water, a handful or organic strawberries, and a couple of organic kiwis. Chop kiwis and strawberries, add to your water, and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours to let it seep. Add as much fruit as you want for a stronger detox!

Aloe Water – Aloe isn’t just meant for soothing your sun-bathed skin. It’s perfect for your insides as well! Aloe helps promote healthy circulation, digestion, and increased your energy levels! Making aloe infused detox water is easy! You need to split the leaf down the center and remove the gel from the plant. Combine the gel with some water and lemon in the blender and process for about a minute. Add a cup or water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and about 2 tablespoons of aloe gel for the perfect detox mixture!

Simple Detox Water – It’s time we kept things simple, right? This quick detoxing tool will help get you hydrated and add some necessary vitamins to your daily regimen. Take 8 ounces of water and squeeze half of an organic lemon into your glass. We recommend that you drink this right when you wake up as your body is most dehydrated at this time and rehydrating at the start of your day kick starts your metabolism into overdrive. The lemon juice helps digestion, cleans out your body, and also speeds up your metabolism.

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Water – Apple cider vinegar is one of our favorite beauty secrets! Not only does it help with your skin (link), but ACV helps rid the toxins from your body and promotes a healthy pH balance in your body. The taste of ACV is a little rough, which is why adding lemons, cucumbers, and mint could be a good option for you. Take 1 liter of water and add 1 tbs. of apple cider vinegar. Simply slice as many discs of lemon or cucumber and add as many sprigs of mint to mask the taste and help in your detoxing process.

Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Detox – The detox drink known as the ‘Master Cleanse’ is not much of a secret anymore. The original Master Cleanse plan is to stop eating regular foods and only drink a mix of organic lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. While this supposedly detoxes your system and gives your digestive tract a break, we here at Bikini Cleanse believe that cutting out all food actually harms your weight loss. However, there is no reason you can’t use this drink while eating wholesome foods. Take 8 ounces of water, 1 tbs. of organic maple syrup, ¼ tsp. of cayenne pepper and as much lemon juice as you want for your very own master cleanse detox!

Fat Flush – If you’re looking to simply lose weight, this water detox is made for you! Grapefruit, a very popular weight loss fruit, is known for speeding up your metabolism. Take one liter of water and add organic grapefruit slices as well as organic tangerine pieces. The extra boost of citrus and vitamin C squeezes all of the extra fat out of your body. Drink 60 ounces a day for 1 week for best results!



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