Beauty Tea: Skin, Hair, Nails & Eyelashes

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Harness the power of grass fed collagen, nutrient rich flower petals and tropical fruit for glowing skin, tighter pores, thicker hair, longer nails and knock-out lashes.

Sip your way to gorgeous skin, hair and nails.

Promote a firm, radiant looking complexion thanks to pure, Grass-fed Collagen tea.

Get a flawless glow the natural way with proven beauty-boosting Carotenoids

See thicker, stronger hair and nails with pure collagen.

Eliminate free radicals and defend against premature aging with Hibiscus and Rose.

Soothe and relax with calming Licorice root.

This ruby-red antioxidant tea is brimming with nutritive Vitamin C.

Naturally caffeine free, so it doesn’t promote dehydration like other teas.

Fruity, tart and aromatic, this tea makes the perfect caffeine-free, afternoon pick-me-up.


Skip the tanning bed or expensive creams. You can get all the radiance you need from a cup of antioxidant-rich Beauty Tea. A study at The University of Nottingham showed that a carotenoid “glow” is even more desirable than a suntan. Bikini Tea Beauty Tea gets its ruby red color from these potent nutrients, and leaves your skin with a lovely radiance.


For an antioxidant-rich, but caffeine free alternative to our Green Super Tea, there is no better option than Rose Petals. Rose Petal tea is rich in Gallic Acid and has some of the highest antioxidant activity available. Rose Petal tea is thought to promote clear skin and fight acne due to its incredible antioxidant properties.


Why take a collagen supplement when you can get all the beauty-boosting protein you need in this luxurious antioxidant tea? Collagen promotes thick, vibrant hair, including eyebrows and lashes. Collagen is also important for growing strong, long nails. Sip Beauty Tea daily to improve skin firmness and visibly reduce skin dryness and wrinkles.


You can enjoy our tea either hot or cold.  Simply add to boiling water and let steep for 30 seconds, or place in cool water and let steep for at least 10 minutes.

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