7-Day Weight Loss System


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SOLD OUT: The Bikini Cleanse 7 Day Weight Loss System was developed with your busy lifestyle in mind.  It is easy to follow, does not require refrigeration, will not leave you starving, and still produces results that you can see.

The Bikini Cleanse 7 Day Weight Loss System is a food based cleanse that will give you more than enough energy to make it through your busy day, while still losing weight.

Your BIKINICLEANSE 7 Day Weight Loss System includes the following:

  1. BIKINI SMOOTHIE: 7 individual packed meal replacement smoothies.  We recommend these for breakfast.
  2. BIKINI STICKS: 14 individual packed energy boost crystals.  These are taken twice a day with water, and provide an energy boost while keeping you hydrated.
  3. BIKINI TEA: 7 individual packed detoxifying tea bags.  These are taken at night to aid the detox process while eliminating bloat.
  4. BIKINI PASSPORT: 1 step-by-step instruction guide.  This will be your guide for the next 7 days, containing everything from shopping lists and recipes to daily affirmations.

If you have never used one of our products, we recommend you begin your weight loss journey with the 7 Day Cleanse.  This is the first step towards your bikini ready body.


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