Prepare for Our New Year Group Cleanse

With only 2 days left until our New Year Group Cleanse, we decided to share two valuable tips for success when getting prepared! (Of course the first tip is to make sure you have your own Bikini Cleanse kit and join us on January 1st!)


It’s hard to enjoy a delicious Bikini meal when you’re late for work, running out the door, and don’t have the necessary ingredients for the day. That’s why prep work is key! Our first tip for success is all about Preparing Yourself. If you don’t have these already, buy some tupperware containers and put your meals/snacks in them the night before work. Marinate your meat in advance to suit your taste. If you have an early morning, cook or thaw your ingredients the night before to save yourself some time. Do whatever you need to prepare yourself for success!


Another way to prepare your body, and our second tip of the day, is to ease into the cleanse and Start Early. Keep your body from going into shock by eating a little less junk and a little more veggies. And if you can, swap out your latte for an all-natural hot tea with lemon. Trust us, an extra day will ease the pain!


Check in with us tomorrow for our last two tips on getting ready for our New Year Group Cleanse! If you still want to join us for the New Year Group Cleanse, it’s not too late! Email us at and we’ll set you up with expedited shipping so you can join us on January 1st!


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