Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

Many people believe they can get skinny fast by starving yourself and going into starvation mode. Juice cleanses, liquid diets and calorie counting diets often eliminate food, making claims that eating less will actually help you become skinny. But more often than not, starving yourself is often at the expense of your health and your figure. At Bikini Cleanse, we believe you can lose weight without starving yourself! One of the great things about Bikini Cleanse is being able to eat wholesome and delicious foods while gaining a slimmer figure. Confused? Let us explain how starving can harm your health and how eating can actually help you lose weight…


Starving Keeps You From More Than Just Weight Loss


Fasting has long been revered as an effective weight loss solution, but starving yourself will actually do a lot more harm than good! As much as we try to get rid of it, fat actually serves a purpose important for survival. Thousands of years ago, fat was (and still is) used to keep you warm, store energy and basically keep you alive when food was scarce. So when you starve yourself, your body goes into starvation mode. This means your body holds onto fat longer and intensely, fearing that you’re now without food and your body must adapt to survive. Your body may surpass these natural instincts, but it takes a long time to get there. You’ll probably find yourself in the hospital before those symptoms pass, so simply waiting it out is not an option.

Aside from being cranky and not thinking straight, starving yourself also keeps you from sleeping soundly. Your body is so hungry, it keeps your inner alarm clock ringing all night long, reminding you to eat. Without that sound sleep, your body won’t function properly and your skin will start to show it, too! A lack of sleep is very detrimental to your health as well as your weight loss routine.

Did we mention not eating can give you horrible breath? It’s true! By eliminating carbs, your body starts to burn fat. When your body only burns fat, it goes into a state of ketosis which produces ketone in the body which produces yucky breath. It happens so quickly that if you skip breakfast, you’ll notice some yucky breath come lunch time!

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Eating For That Beach Body (And Other Health Benefits)


Eating is one of the most effective and safe ways to lose weight. But before you reach for that slice of pizza, it’s important to note that eating clean and healthy is the only way you will lose weight (and keep it off!). Consuming foods that are beneficial to your body’s primary functions will keep your body performing at its highest level, which in turn will help you shed those pounds! Think of it as putting in an investment. Give your body a little TLC and you’ll get so much in return!

Eating 3 meals a day helps keep your metabolism high. It is your metabolism (which is your body’s ability to break down food and use it for fuel) that allows you to lose weight. And the faster the metabolism, the more weight will be lost. While stimulants like coffee or tea can help boost your metabolism, these drinks only work short term before you crash and is not nearly as effective as eating.

Making sure you’re getting enough vitamins and nutrients is also important to your weight loss program. Vitamins and nutrients like B12, omega 3 and fiber are important for weight loss and keep your metabolism going all day long. These vitamins also keep your cells, organs and skin healthy and happy!

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Bikini Cleanse: Melt the Fat While Eating Wholesome Foods


Unlike other cleanses, Bikini Cleanse utilizes the power of food for the best weight loss results! We know that no girl looks her best with bags under her eyes, stinky breath and a serious hanger problem. With Bikini Cleanse, not only are you preparing amazing dishes, but you’re also receiving concentrated amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

Our Bikini Smoothie contains a multivitamin and enough protein to keep you full until your next meal. Plus the tasty tahitian vanilla and dreamy orange flavor almost make it feel like you’re having a cheat meal! The Bikini Sticks, your fat burning mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, also have vitamin B12 as well as raspberry ketones to help boost your metabolism without the caffeine crash. These fat burners combined with organic and whole foods will keep you feeling sustained and energized all while losing that stubborn weight you’ve been trying to lose.

Try it out for yourself! You’ve done the raw diet, the maple-cayenne diet and the starving diet without seeing any, lasting results. Try the healthiest and most effective cleanse out there and let Bikini Cleanse help kickstart your journey of health and wellness!

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