How to Beat June Gloom

Grey skies got you down? We know how it goes. It’s not uncommon to have 3 weeks of June gloom in Los Angeles and we like to think we’ve come up with some pretty great solutions when the summer sun is lacking. Let us show you how to beat June gloom with our 5-step guide!

  1. Get Your Pump On – On a grey and overcast day, your first instinct is to hit the snooze button, grab a hot cup of tea and cuddle in your jammies all day. Instead, amp up your gym routine! Not only does a morning workout help keep you energized all day long, but it also makes you feel great with a major endorphin rush! For an extra boost, try a new workout. Try a special barre class or your local spin class and challenge yourself with something different!

  2. Add a Pop of Color – We’re all visual creatures. That’s why adding a pop of color to your home or wardrobe will help cheer up your gloomy skies. Go to your local farmers market and grab a seasonal bouquet of flowers or get a bright, new mani/pedi. This little bit of color will transport you to sunnier days in no time!

  3. Be One with Nature – Get some fresh air and a fresh perspective. The air may be cool, but this time of year is perfect for a refreshing hike. Take a walk with your girls or pick some fresh flowers for your dining table. Take a minute to absorb our wonderful planet. Nothing wakes you up quite like Mother Earth.

  4. Feel the Zen – Ward off negative energy and bad spirits with some positivity. Whether you chant a few oms during your morning commute or meditate for 5 minutes before bedtime, make sure to center yourself. Getting rid of easily absorbed negative energy will help boost up your summer spunk, whether the weather be fine or not.

  5. Start Your Own Bikini Cleanse – Our 7-day weight loss and detox program is sure to make you feel amazing despite the weather. Beat the heat this summer and work hard now so you can be bikini ready with the summer sun comes out to play! Our Bikini Sticks and Smoothie will keep you feeling full, energized and motivated so you can enjoy the entire summer in your kini. PLUS if you order this June, you get your own free Blender Bottle! Just another reason to smile!

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