How Much Water You Should Drink to Lose Weight

Happy (post) Earth Day, bikini babes!


In honor of mother Earth, we’re going to talk about something that is very beneficial to us in both health and weightloss: water. Water is one of the most important things to help your body function properly. We’re going to talk about why it’s so important and how much water you should drink to lose weight.


First of all, your body is made of quite a bit of water. This percentage differs with age and gender, but adult individuals’ bodies consist of 50-65% of water! This high water content is important to your organs, your tissue, and your cells. Water helps keep these body parts functioning at optimum level, such as regulating body temperature and maintaining bodily functions. Water is also a key factor in eliminating waste. Water helps get rid of extra toxins in your body through perspiration, urination, defecation, as well as helping your kidneys and liver constantly flush out your body.

In addition to helping important parts of your body, water helps aid your digestion. Saliva, the main contributor to breaking down food and liquid, is made primarily of water. Drinking more of this amazing fluid helps create more saliva and breakdown all that food you’re enjoying on the Bikini Cleanse.

With the help of just a little bit of water, isn’t it amazing to learn what your body is capable of?


Now, with all of that said, it’s only natural that your body needs a certain amount of water to carry out it’s most basic functions. So it seems only fitting that to lose weight and shed even more toxins and fat from your body, you would need even more water to get the job done. The question is, how much water do you need to drink to lose weight?


Most doctors and physicians recommend an average of eight 8-ounce glasses (totaling 64 ounces) of water for women and thirteen 8-ounce glasses (totaling 104 ounces) for men. This recommended amount also depends on how active you are and what type of climate you are in.


However, when you are working out moderately or are on the Bikini Cleanse, we suggest the following formula you can utilize to lose weight:



Minimum Water a Day When Losing Weight:


Your Weight (in pounds)  x  .75 ounces  =  How Much Water You Should Drink per Day in Ounces


Example: 135 lbs.  x  .75 oz. =  101.25 ounces of water per day


Maximum Water a Day When Losing Weight:


Your Weight (in pounds)  x  1 ounce  =  How Much Water You Should Drink per Day in Ounces


Example: 135 lbs.  x  1 oz. =  135 ounces of water per day


This amount of water should help kickstart your metabolism, shed toxins from your liver, and keep you energized to lose weight. Remember! Always consult a physician when changing your diet routine as everyone is different. This formula should be followed steadily throughout the day and should not be had in a short amount of time, like 5 hours or less.


As always, good luck on your journey of health and wellness! And Happy Earth Day!


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