Hairstyles and Hacks to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

You might have heard of makeup contouring to show off those cheek bones, but did you know there are certain hairstyles and hacks to make your face look slimmer? Amanda Weinberg, hair stylist at Juan Juan Salon in Brentwood with over 10 years of experience, explains how certain hairstyles and tricks actually lengthen your face, giving you a more thin look. With Amanda’s extensive background in the beauty industry, read how you can achieve a sexy and slim look that you can easily add to your morning routine.





For ladies with bangs…


Bangs are always making a comeback. Whether it’s retro inspired or helps frame girls with larger foreheads, bangs aren’t going away anytime soon. However, “avoid blunt bangs,” Amanda says. “This makes your face look wider and more round. Try side sweeping bangs. This look frames the face for a slimming effect.”

 Brunette with side swept bangs in blue V top


When wearing your hair down…


“Try soft waves curled away from the face,” Amanda says. “This look still frames your face in a more gentle way. Straight hair makes your head look smaller and widens the face.” Loose curls also give you an effortless, beachy wave, perfect for that summer boho look.

 Blonde with loose waves


For girls on the go…


Ponytail, bun or braid? Amanda says the pulled back go-to for a slimmer face is the topknot. “A topknot adds length to the face and draws attention upward.” For an even lengthier look, try the half up half down top knot.

Brunette with topknot updo bun and retro makeup


As for the right color…


“Dark colors slim down face while lighter tones make your face appear wider,” explains Amanda. But not to fear, blondies! You can still keep your lustrous locks, just add a little depth to your look. “Add lowlights or darker colors around the face and highlights toward the crown. This will give you dimension while still allowing your face to look thinner.”

Brunette with aviator sunnies sunglasses and black tank

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