Weight Loss

Bikini Cleanse Day 6: Conscious Cleansing

Sebrin here, and it’s the 6th day of the BIKINI CLEANSE. This is another ‘ugh’ day for me (and most likely my group cleansers at home). But as we’re heading towards the finish line, I ask that all of my Bikini babes think about how some of these foods have controlled your mood. BIKINI CLEANSE is about more than losing some weight; it’s about rewiring your bad habits with food and starting your journey of health and wellness. We like to think of this as ‘Conscious Cleansing’.

Bikini Cleanse Day 5: Being Grateful

Hi Babes! Sebrin, Editor at BIKINICleanse, here and it’s Day 5 of the 7 day BIKINICleanse. While Monday might be everyone’s least favorite day, I am choosing to make this a beautiful day.

Bikini Cleanse Day 4: Celebrating the Halfway Point!

Hooray! Sebrin here and we’re more than half way done, Bikini babes! In honor of such an awesome milestone, today will be the day I take my 1 day off from the gym. Normally, Sunday calls for brunches with girlfriends and movies with your man. If you were following our tips for success during our New Year’s countdown, then you probably cancelled all of your social appointments like I did. So what’s a girl to do on this lazy Sunday? It’s time to hit the spa!

Bikini Cleanse Day 3: Getting Through ‘Ugh’ Day

Hi Babes ~ it’s Sebrin, Editor at BIKINICleanse and I am on Day 3 of the 7 day diet cleanse. Today is an ‘ugh’ day. Is your head pounding? Are you feeling slightly more sluggish than usual? Craving some cheese fries? Yeah, I am right there with you. This is the day that your body is withdrawing some serious toxins and your body is just not having it. Remember: this is what you want to happen! No pain, no gain.

Bikini Cleanse Day 2: On a Motivation High

Happy Friday Bikini babes! Sebrin here and its day 2 of my personal journey with BIKINICLEANSE. Yesterday almost felt like a dream, right? My motivation was high and my discipline was at its strongest. Today feels a lot more real and a little bit more scary. It’s one of those days to look at some fitspo and remind myself why I’m doing this BIKINICLEANSE.

Bikini Cleanse Day 1: Feeling Pumped

Hey, Bikini Babes! Sebrin here! As one of the Editors at BIKINICLEANSE, I wanted to introduce myself to all of you as we kick-ass together during this New Year Group Cleanse. While the whole office is participating in the cleanse, this is my personal how-to and what-to-do support guide for the week. Check here every day during the group cleanse for recipes, workout guides, and personal anecdotes to get you through your first BIKINICLEANSE of the New Year!

Schedule Your Success for Our New Year Group Cleanse

Happy New Year’s Eve Bikini Babes! While tonight is all about the champagne and festive partying, we’re here to provide you with our last two tips for our New Year Group Cleanse starting tomorrow, January 1st. Make sure to read this entire post for the ultimate plan of attack for this New Year’s Group Cleanse.

Prepare for Our New Year Group Cleanse

With only 2 days left until our New Year Group Cleanse, we decided to share two valuable tips for success when getting prepared! (Of course the first tip is to make sure you have your own BIKINI CLEANSE kit and join us on January 1st!)

Our Third Tip for Success for Your New Year Group Cleanse

Happy Monday Bikini babes! Today is the perfect day for our 3rd tip for the New Year Group Cleanse starting January 1st: Stocking Up. This is the fun part! Once you’ve created your meal plan for the week, hit up your local farmer’s market or store and purchase the ingredients listed in our BIKINI Passport.

Our Second Tip for Success for Your New Year Group Cleanse

Yesterday, we announced our New Year Group Cleanse starting January 1st for a new you this new year! We’re offering tips everyday until the 1st so that you are more prepared than ever before! Of course, if you haven’t purchased your own BIKINI CLEANSE, that is step number 1!