Weight Loss

Bikini Cleanse Now Available for Vegans

One of our favorite things about Bikini Cleanse is the flexibility. Bikini Cleanse works for you no matter what your culinary level, work schedule, or taste preferences. But what about your diet? Bikini Cleanse works with a vegetarian and paleo lifestyle, but what about our vegans out there? Up until now, Bikini Cleanse wasn’t quite vegan-friendly, but we wanted to push our boundaries and help out our vegan pals! I decided to try the Bikini Cleanse as a vegan and had amazing results! I’ll explain exactly how I did the cleanse and how Bikini Cleanse for vegans is possible!

Supplements That Help You Lose Weight and More

Macronutrients, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates are important to weight loss, but so are micronutrients and vitamins! These vitamins are sufficient to get you through your day, but adding more supplements are always helpful for better weight loss results. Check out these supplements that help you lose weight and more!

Bikini Cleanse Guide to Skinny Spices Part 2

Spices aren’t just a tasty additive to your Bikini Cleanse dish. Herbs and spices can also be a great tool when trying to losing weight! We often add spices to create an exotic dish, but some of these spices should become a regular part of your daily regimen. Thus, we’ve unleashed Bikini Cleanse guide to skinny spices part 2, telling you how they aid your weight loss and how to use them in this Mexican inspired, Bikini Cleanse recipe!

The Ultimate Body Workout at The Studio (MDR)

What do you get when you combine pilates, cardio and strength training? A bangin’ body, that’s what! We had the ultimate body workout at The Studio (MDR) and saw some amazing results a mere 24 hours later! *Check out this post for an awesome giveaway!

4 Kickbutt Workouts to Try This Summer

Just because it’s the end of July doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on that bikini body! There’s still plenty of of reasons to get bikini ready and we’re sweating this summer in a whole new way. We’ve compiled 4 kickbutt workouts to try this summer, whether you’re getting your 45 minutes of sweat in during your Bikini Cleanse or just looking for a new way to get your adrenaline rush.

Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

Many people believe they can get skinny fast by starving yourself and going into starvation mode. But more often than not, starving yourself is often at the expense of your health and your figure. At Bikini Cleanse, we believe you can lose weight without starving yourself! Let us explain how starving can harm your health and how eating can actually help you lose weight…

Bikini Bride Testimonial with Sachi Selvagn

As florist and wedding designer Sachi Selvagn says, “people get caught up in everything being perfect and it’s more important to enjoy the process and let the little things go.” Check out our bikini bride testimonial with Sachi Selvagn, who explains the importance of floral design, her amazing encounter with her husband, and of course, her results with Bikini Cleanse!

Bikini Cleanse Bikini Pops

What’s red, white, and cool all over? Our Bikini Cleanse Bikini Pops (and maybe your American bikini apparel)! We’re bringing back our classic, 2-ingredient Bikini Pops in honor of the 4th of July. Prepare these cute popsicles for your 4th of July party for the ultimate, hydrating treat. With these tasty and easy to make pops, you’ll be able to fight off the heat and the hunger cravings.

The Bikini Cleanse Flat Stomach Guide

Getting the perfect, flat stomach for your wedding, vacation or bikini season may not be easy, but boy is it worth it! You might not be a stranger to dieting or working out, but the Bikini Cleanse Flat Stomach guide incorporates these timeless practices with a few extra tips to get you real and lasting results! Follow these tips and be ready to flaunt your bikini bod all year long!

How to Beat June Gloom

Grey skies got you down? We know how it goes. It’s not uncommon to have 3 weeks of June gloom in Los Angeles and we like to think we’ve come up with some pretty great solutions when the summer sun is lacking. Let us show you how to beat June gloom with our 5-step guide!