How to Beat June Gloom

Grey skies got you down? We know how it goes. It’s not uncommon to have 3 weeks of June gloom in Los Angeles and we like to think we’ve come up with some pretty great solutions when the summer sun is lacking. Let us show you how to beat June gloom with our 5-step guide!

Bikini Cleanse at Wanderlust 108

What’s pink, sunny and zen allover? Bikini Cleanse at Wanderlust 108!
Last Saturday, the girls of Bikini Cleanse participated in a mindful triathlon at the Wanderlust 108 Festival in Santa Monica, California. What is a mindful triathlon exactly?

How Does Bikini Cleanse Work

With all of the options out there, cleanses can sound a little bit scary. From those raw food cleanses to the master cleanse consisting of only lemon-cayenne-water, there are a lot of detoxes that require a lack of food, a lot of anxiety, and little results. That’s where the Bikini Cleanse comes in! Bikini Cleanse is a detox system that allows your body to shed excess weight and nasty toxins from your body, without skipping meals! So how does Bikini Cleanse work?

Coachella 2015 Survival Guide

As Coachella is fast approaching, bikini babes all over the country are starting to prepare to get wild in the desert. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth time attending the festival, there’s always a lot of planning and questions prior to this 3-day musical event. Insert our Coachella 2015 Survival Guide. Resident Bikini Cleanse photographer, Juliet Wolf, is a previous Coachella attendee and offers her advice as well as some inside information when traveling to this exciting music festival!

5 Tips to Look Better in a Bikini

You’ve done the workouts, compiled the right recipes, and done your Bikini Cleanse, but you’re still looking for an extra boost of fierce in your bikini. And we want to help get you there! That’s why we’ve come up with 5 tips to look better in a bikini so that you’re bikini-ready for your honeymoon, vacation, or just when you’re making love with the lights on!

Let Bikini Cleanse Help You Get Coachella-Ready!

Heat, sand, and fringe all over. Yep, you guessed it! Music festival season has arrived! Coachella is just a couple of weeks away and we want to help get you ready for that high-waisted, fringe booty, flower crown festival season fashion-wear. Let Bikini Cleanse help you get Coachella-ready!

5 Tips for a Sexy Valentine’s Day

Despite the bone chilling temperature this winter, things are starting to heat up! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to break out the lace, pop the cork and pucker your sexy red lip! But who says you need a special someone to treat you like a queen this V Day? This holiday, it’s all about feeling great from the inside-out! Toss the box of chocolates and treat yourself with Bikini Cleanse!

For an additional, sexy boost, here are our 5 tips for a sexy Valentine’s Day with or without a date:

Bikini Cleanse Guide to Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of our favorite locations to escape the winter cold while sporting our newest bikini apparel. However, February 13th – February 17th marks the very famous festival known as Carnival. From the sun to the samba (and the drinks in between), we’re here to prepare you with a Rio de Janeiro Carnival Guide to help get you through one of the biggest parties in the world.

Bikini Cleanse’s Tips for a Better 2015

Good morning babes! In the wake of the biggest winter storm on the East Coast to date, we’re here to help! Let’s kick Juno’s a$$, get our booties to the gym and take it to the next level. Keep scrolling down to make sure your New Year’s resolutions don’t freeze up along with the storm!

Spotted: Cardio Party at SoulCycle ft. Bikini Cleanse

One of our favorite ways to get Bikini ready is to rock out to amazing beats, have fun with lots of energy, and have our girls by our side. So when bloggers and cool chicks, The Golden Natives and Lunchpails and Lipstick, asked us to sponsor their Cardio Party doing just that, we had to jump on board! (Spinning class, hot babes, and cool swag? It’s a no brainer.)