How Much Water You Should Drink to Lose Weight

In honor of mother Earth, we’re going to talk about something that is very beneficial to us in both health and weightloss: water. Water is one of the most important things to help your body function properly. We’re going to talk about why it’s so important and how much water you should drink to lose weight.

5 Tips to Look Better in a Bikini

You’ve done the workouts, compiled the right recipes, and done your Bikini Cleanse, but you’re still looking for an extra boost of fierce in your bikini. And we want to help get you there! That’s why we’ve come up with 5 tips to look better in a bikini so that you’re bikini-ready for your honeymoon, vacation, or just when you’re making love with the lights on!


This playlist is the definition of chill beats. Driving in the car, taking a nice long bath, or running a mile or 2, these songs will chill you out or keep you going!

Bikini Cleanse’s Tips for a Better 2015

Good morning babes! In the wake of the biggest winter storm on the East Coast to date, we’re here to help! Let’s kick Juno’s a$$, get our booties to the gym and take it to the next level. Keep scrolling down to make sure your New Year’s resolutions don’t freeze up along with the storm!

Spotlight with Fitness Instructor, Charlotte Mooney

When its comes to exercise, we look to one of our fitness gurus, Charlotte Mooney, for killer inspiration! Charlotte is an Operations Coordinator and Trainer that we have previously worked with and is known for her awesome ab and booty exercises. We wanted to get to know Charlotte a little more and see if she has any extra tips for us during the Bikini Cleanse or when we have a hectic schedule!

Spotted: Cardio Party at SoulCycle ft. Bikini Cleanse

One of our favorite ways to get Bikini ready is to rock out to amazing beats, have fun with lots of energy, and have our girls by our side. So when bloggers and cool chicks, The Golden Natives and Lunchpails and Lipstick, asked us to sponsor their Cardio Party doing just that, we had to jump on board! (Spinning class, hot babes, and cool swag? It’s a no brainer.)

Bikini Cleanse Day 7: Baring All and Proud

Happy Hump Day Bikini Babes! Sebrin, your Editor and BIKINI CLEANSE support guide here! Why is it a happy Wednesday? Because it’s the last day of our 7 day cleanse! Once the day is over, we will officially be ready to show off our bikini bods. But let’s not celebrate too early babes! To quote the Bikini Passport, “I will not get senioritis and let the last day of hard work slip.” We still have one more day of sweating, sipping, and slimming to go.

Bikini Cleanse Day 2: On a Motivation High

Happy Friday Bikini babes! Sebrin here and its day 2 of my personal journey with BIKINICLEANSE. Yesterday almost felt like a dream, right? My motivation was high and my discipline was at its strongest. Today feels a lot more real and a little bit more scary. It’s one of those days to look at some fitspo and remind myself why I’m doing this BIKINICLEANSE.

Schedule Your Success for Our New Year Group Cleanse

Happy New Year’s Eve Bikini Babes! While tonight is all about the champagne and festive partying, we’re here to provide you with our last two tips for our New Year Group Cleanse starting tomorrow, January 1st. Make sure to read this entire post for the ultimate plan of attack for this New Year’s Group Cleanse.

Happy Holidays, Letter from the Founder

The holidays can be stressful.

I was reminded by this pint-sized holiday card I received from a boutique in Los Angeles I frequent. The card simply read, “Have a peaceful holiday”. As I read it, I let out a loud sigh and thought to myself that the holidays are allllll but peaceful.