How to Avoid the Fall

You’ve heard of the dreaded freshman 15. Those stubborn 15 pounds (or more!) that seem to attach itself to you during the school year. But it isn’t just those of you at school who are gaining that horrible weight The weather is cooling, work is getting busier and the opportunity to wear fall clothes is a little more forgiving when it comes to the added weight. We’re here to tell you how to avoid the fall 15, for those of you who are working, going to school or just taking a break until your next vacay.

The Ultimate Body Workout at The Studio (MDR)

What do you get when you combine pilates, cardio and strength training? A bangin’ body, that’s what! We had the ultimate body workout at The Studio (MDR) and saw some amazing results a mere 24 hours later! *Check out this post for an awesome giveaway!

4 Kickbutt Workouts to Try This Summer

Just because it’s the end of July doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on that bikini body! There’s still plenty of of reasons to get bikini ready and we’re sweating this summer in a whole new way. We’ve compiled 4 kickbutt workouts to try this summer, whether you’re getting your 45 minutes of sweat in during your Bikini Cleanse or just looking for a new way to get your adrenaline rush.

The Bikini Cleanse Flat Stomach Guide

Getting the perfect, flat stomach for your wedding, vacation or bikini season may not be easy, but boy is it worth it! You might not be a stranger to dieting or working out, but the Bikini Cleanse Flat Stomach guide incorporates these timeless practices with a few extra tips to get you real and lasting results! Follow these tips and be ready to flaunt your bikini bod all year long!

Culinary Spotlight with Carina Wolff

Cleansing is a lot better with friends by your side! That’s why we’ve decided to feature local culinary artists on the blog highlighting some amazing Bikini Cleanse approved recipes. This week, we reached out to our gal Carina (aka @kalememaybe), to give us an inside scoop on the importance of a healthy food and fitness regimen. Make sure to keep reading our culinary spotlight with Carina Wolff for a tasty, Bikini Cleanse approved zoodles recipe!

How Much Water You Should Drink to Lose Weight

In honor of mother Earth, we’re going to talk about something that is very beneficial to us in both health and weightloss: water. Water is one of the most important things to help your body function properly. We’re going to talk about why it’s so important and how much water you should drink to lose weight.

Bikini Cleanse’s Tips for a Better 2015

Good morning babes! In the wake of the biggest winter storm on the East Coast to date, we’re here to help! Let’s kick Juno’s a$$, get our booties to the gym and take it to the next level. Keep scrolling down to make sure your New Year’s resolutions don’t freeze up along with the storm!

Spotlight with Fitness Instructor, Charlotte Mooney

When its comes to exercise, we look to one of our fitness gurus, Charlotte Mooney, for killer inspiration! Charlotte is an Operations Coordinator and Trainer that we have previously worked with and is known for her awesome ab and booty exercises. We wanted to get to know Charlotte a little more and see if she has any extra tips for us during the Bikini Cleanse or when we have a hectic schedule!

Spotted: Cardio Party at SoulCycle ft. Bikini Cleanse

One of our favorite ways to get Bikini ready is to rock out to amazing beats, have fun with lots of energy, and have our girls by our side. So when bloggers and cool chicks, The Golden Natives and Lunchpails and Lipstick, asked us to sponsor their Cardio Party doing just that, we had to jump on board! (Spinning class, hot babes, and cool swag? It’s a no brainer.)

Bikini Cleanse Day 3: Getting Through ‘Ugh’ Day

Hi Babes ~ it’s Sebrin, Editor at BIKINICleanse and I am on Day 3 of the 7 day diet cleanse. Today is an ‘ugh’ day. Is your head pounding? Are you feeling slightly more sluggish than usual? Craving some cheese fries? Yeah, I am right there with you. This is the day that your body is withdrawing some serious toxins and your body is just not having it. Remember: this is what you want to happen! No pain, no gain.