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A Hardworking Publicist and Her Weight Loss Goals

Fashion and jewelry publicist Alex Lippin is a hard working babe who juggles her fabulous career with her love for vacations in Mexico. See how Bikini Cleanse helped Alex with that one stubborn area she could not get rid of.

Bikini Cleanse Now Available for Vegans

One of our favorite things about Bikini Cleanse is the flexibility. Bikini Cleanse works for you no matter what your culinary level, work schedule, or taste preferences. But what about your diet? Bikini Cleanse works with a vegetarian and paleo lifestyle, but what about our vegans out there? Up until now, Bikini Cleanse wasn’t quite vegan-friendly, but we wanted to push our boundaries and help out our vegan pals! I decided to try the Bikini Cleanse as a vegan and had amazing results! I’ll explain exactly how I did the cleanse and how Bikini Cleanse for vegans is possible!

Bikini Cleanse Testimonial with Saretta

Bikini Cleanse isn’t just about getting ready for your wedding or vacation. Bikini Cleanse can be a great way to reset your health regimen if you’ve fallen slightly off-track. Saretta Jimenez tried the cleanse amidst her hectic school schedule to get her healthy body back! Read our Bikini Cleanse testimonial with Saretta to see how she worked the cleanse!

Bikini Cleanse Testimonial with Amy Paffrath

One of the best things about Bikini Cleanse is the ability to eat well and exercise while maintaining a busy schedule. That’s why Amy Paffrath, TV host and actress, loved Bikini Cleanse! Amy says that Bikini Cleanse helped keep her on track and slim down before her trip to Puerto Rico. Our Bikini Cleanse testimonial with Amy Paffrath shows how a busy TV personality managed to keep up with the Bikini Cleanse regimen!

Bikini Testimonial with Katherine

Bikini season is fast approaching, babes! That means it’s time to kick it into high gear so that you’re ready to flaunt that sexy body just in time for the beach, your vacay, or a special event like a family reunion! Our latest Bikini testimonial with Katherine Rumley spills her results from using Bikini Cleanse right before heading back to the Midwest to visit her family.

Bikini Bride Testimonial with Emily Chacona

Being a Bikini Bride isn’t just about rocking a hot bod on your wedding night. It’s also about looking amazing on your big day from your head to your toes! Emily Chacona is a fashion stylist and owner of Moda Privada in Austin, Texas. Emily talked to us about her wedding day and gives us some some fashion tips when looking for your special dress or any bridal accessories as well as her results with Bikini Cleanse.

Bikini Bro Testimonial with Kevin Elms

Our Bikini Babes aren’t the only ones who need a little detox pick-me-up. Sometimes, our Bikini Bros need some Bikini Cleanse lovin’ too! Kevin Elms, an accountant and actor in Los Angeles, decided to give Bikini Cleanse a try right before the holiday season. Now, Kevin is spreading the word to all his guys out there! *

Bikini Testimonial: Kelli

One of the many reasons we love our BIKINI CLEANSE is the idea that we can eat delicious meals throughout the week. And we’re not the only ones who love that part! This business owner had many experiences with cleanses in the past, but BIKINI CLEANSE let Kelli Rapaski still enjoy her normal routine.*