The Bikini Cleanse Wedding Diet

Wedding season is officially in full-swing, bikini brides. That means you’re probably getting ready for your last few dress fittings, upping your normal skincare regimen, and thinking about your mani-pedi for the big day. We want you to look your absolute best when you say “I do” which is why we’ve come up with the Bikini Cleanse wedding diet to get you wedding-dress ready before, during and after the Bikini Cleanse. With the help of our tips below, you’ll be the slim bride you’ve always imagined.



  1. Bikini Cleanse – Nothing slims down your waist, legs and arms quite like Bikini Cleanse. From our raspberry ketones enhancing your metabolism to the carefully selected shopping list and the great workout regimen, you’re sure to lose those stubborn pounds just in time for your wedding. For more information about how Bikini Cleanse works, check out our brief video and how-to guide.

  2. Hydrate – As we mentioned in our Earth Day post, water is extremely important when trying to lose weight. Water is the only way that fat is able to leave the body and the more water you drink, the greater the opportunity for that excess fat to disappear. A month before your wedding, simply drink your weight in ounces of water per day and you should not only have shed those pounds, but have glowing skin and a lot more energy.

  3. Target Trouble Areas – Unless you have a retro, alternative dress, chances are the only skin you will be showing at your wedding is your arms, chest and back. That’s why we suggest to work on these areas the most. Losing weight in hard to reach areas, like your neck and face, require a lot of cardio. But to make sure your arms and back are toned for your strapless gown, add an extra 5 minutes to each of the body parts during your workout!

  4. Don’t Skip Meals – Pretty counter intuitive, right? Eat less, weigh less. Wrong! Skipping breakfast or lunch not only slows down your metabolism (keeping your weight the same), but you also end up binge eating from the lack of nutrition. Keeping yourself nourished with adequate protein and carbohydrates is important when losing weight and vital to keeping you sane during wedding planning!

  5. Chill on the Booze – It’s easy to get carried away with alcohol surrounding this big event. There are dinners, luncheons, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and you haven’t seen some of your guests in forever-which requires celebratory drinks! Alcohol contains a lot of sugar and calories, adding to your weight gain. What’s worse? You’ll look bloated in your wedding photos! If you are unable to eliminate alcohol completely, try to cut your consumption in half and stick with low-cal liquors.

  6. Keep Wedding Planning – Many brides will tell you that the pounds just melt away the week before your wedding day. Running errands, a busy schedule and high levels of stress keep your body constantly burning calories. And while this can be a good thing when trying to lose weight, don’t forget to take a deep breathe and release a calming, “om” once in awhile! You don’t want to have a melt-down on the altar!

  7. Stick to Complex Carbs – This tip is important before, during and after the Bikini Cleanse! Carbohydrates help keep your body energized all day long and contain several nutrients necessary for proper bodily functions. Simple carbohydrates, however, are basically sugar, which turns into fat in your body. Complex carbohydrates are sugar molecules strung together, making it a much more rigorous process for your body to digest. This intense digestions allows you to burn more calories while you benefit from the vitamins and fiber. During the cleanse, you can eat as many green vegetables as you desire. Before and after the cleanse, you can incorporate sweet potatoes, pumpkins, lentils, peas, and whole grains (if you’re not gluten-free).
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