Bikini Cleanse Now Available for Vegans

One of our favorite things about Bikini Cleanse is the flexibility. Bikini Cleanse works for you no matter what your culinary level, work schedule, or taste preferences. But what about your diet? Bikini Cleanse works with a vegetarian and paleo lifestyle, but what about our vegans out there? Up until now, Bikini Cleanse wasn’t quite vegan-friendly, but we wanted to push our boundaries and help out our vegan pals! I decided to try the Bikini Cleanse as a vegan and had amazing results! I’ll explain exactly how I did the cleanse and how Bikini Cleanse for vegans is possible!

First things first, we need to figure out our shopping lists and ingredients. Unfortunately, the Bikini Smoothie is out. The Bikini Smoothie contains whey protein isolate, a very important protein for muscle building and helps keep you feeling full until your next meal. A wonderful protein, but not so great for our vegan friends. So where can we get a great source of protein with a low calorie count? While shopping around Whole Foods, I found a vegan-friendly protein dream: Garden of Life’s Organic Plant Protein Powder. This organic, plant-based protein powder contains 15 grams of protein per scoop, 100 calories per serving, contains less than 1 gram of natural sugar, has several amino acids, fatty acids and probiotics and comes in 4 great flavors. I’m obsessed with the Smooth Vanilla flavor and I think it perfectly balances out the almond milk combo I mix for my smoothie base. However, you can use any protein-blend you desire! While you want a high amount of protein, you will have a lot more success with your results if you find something with a lower-calorie count.


But what about the rest of our meals? Nuts and legumes are still not allowed on the cleanse which is where a majority of vegans get their protein source. Since I am normally not a vegan, I turned to this protein powder pretty often. I made a 3-ingredient pancake just about everyday (this pancake recipe used eggs and may not be great for all vegan lifestyles). If you’re comfortable with having less protein in your diet, feel free to have one smoothie and have large quantities of vegetables (as much as you want!). As with any cleanse out there, your health is your #1 priority and if you feel like you need a little extra protein from a different source listen to that instinct! Which leads me to my next point…


Exercise. The Bikini Cleanse system requires six 45-minute sessions of exercise during your 7-day cleanse, about 1 workout per day. This workout can be anything from running to hot yoga to pilates. Since protein helps give you energy for this physical exertion, it is important to listen to your body. If you need a starchy vegetable, such as a sweet potato or squash (known for creating lasting energy), allow yourself permission to have 1 before your workout. If you need two scoops of protein in your smoothie, add it. Remember, your results from the cleanse may differ from those individuals following the Bikini Passport to a T. So keep in mind of some balancing. Perhaps a starchy vegetable and protein shake before an intense run on day 1, while day 2 is just leafy greens and a very relaxing hike.


With all of this said, this is what my day would look like:


8 am: Pancake with Protein Powder OR Garden of Life Plant Protein (1 scoop) with 1 cup of almond milk and handful of ice

10 am: Sliced bell peppers and Bikini Stick

1 pm: Garden of Life Plant Protein (1 scoop) with 1 cup of almond milk and handful of ice

3 pm: Sliced celery and Bikini Stick

6 pm: Garden or Life Plant Protein (2 scoop) with 1 cup of almond milk and handful of ice OR side of zucchini noodles and roasted tomatoes (sometimes both if I’m hungry)

8 pm: Gym (I like to workout at night or early in the morning before breakfast) OR hike Runyon Canyon

10 pm: Bikini Tea


**I also drank around 1 gallon of water (sticks and tea included) per day.


This day looks a little boring, but hey it’s your cleanse, mix it up a bit! Sometimes I added kale or spinach to my smoothie, sometimes a teaspoon of cinnamon. We don’t want you to go completely rogue on your cleanse, but with being a vegan comes a little more flexibility to get creative.

Hot pink sports bra and black yoga leggings Bikini Cleanse pink sports bra and black yoga pants

Overall, I lost 8 pounds during this cleanse!*** I had so much energy, however this was the most challenging cleanse yet. Since I don’t usually eat vegan, I wasn’t just cutting out processed foods or sugar. I was cutting out my much-adored paleo lifestyle! I must admit, I might have treated myself to some salt here and there (cut me some slack, I went vegan for the first time!). Would I do Bikini Cleanse again? Yes, yes, yes! Would I do it vegan? Meh, probably not. Although you can’t beat those results!

I hope I gave you a little bit of insight into a day in the life as a vegan Bikini Cleanser! Feel free to leave comments or questions regarding this cleanse style or order your own cleanse and tell us how you worked it, vegan-style!

**As always, take your Bikini Cleanse kit and talk to your doctor before embarking on this cleanse, whether you be paleo, vegetarian or vegan!

***Individual results may vary

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