Bikini Cleanse Testimonial with Saretta

Bikini Cleanse isn’t just about getting ready for your wedding or vacation. Bikini Cleanse can be a great way to reset your health regimen if you’ve fallen slightly off-track. Saretta Jimenez tried the cleanse amidst her hectic school schedule to get her healthy body back and she had some fantastic results! Read our Bikini Cleanse testimonial with Saretta to see how she worked the cleanse!


BC: How did you first hear about BIKINI CLEANSE?

SJ: I first heard about Bikini Cleanse through my boss who is a friend of the founder, Nicole.  She had mentioned to me several times about this great, new cleanse that her friend launched and how excited she was about it. I had been wanting to try a cleanse and Bikini Cleanse sounded great to me because you are still able to have meals.

BC: Was this cleanse for a special occasion or trip?

SJ: The cleanse was not for a special occasion, but I decided to start it while in school, after the winter quarter because I had been really stressed out and not really watching what I was eating.  I felt like I needed a fresh start before starting the new quarter.

BC: What was your health regimen like before the 7-day cleanse? What’s it like now?

SJ: My health regimen before the cleanse was not completely unhealthy. I had cut red meat out of my diet a long time ago and was mostly eating fish, other white meats and vegetables. However, during school I would eat a lot of sweets, such as cookies, brownies, ice cream, etc. I would also be snacking a lot on chips, fries and other salty foods and would drink alcohol often. Now, I am still eating fish, white meats and vegetables and have cut back on sweets. I’ve tried to avoid eating anything too salty, I’ve learned to like the flavor of food without spices or sauces. I also try to eat as much organic and all-natural foods as possible. Occasionally, I will have a glass or two of wine and I’ve tried to avoid cocktails with high sugar. I also started doing yoga before the cleanse and I still do it now.

BC: How did you feel during the cleanse? What was your biggest obstacles? What was your favorite part?

SJ: In the beginning of the cleanse I felt a little irritated and moody because I was craving everything that I couldn’t have. It was also my first time doing a cleanse so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Towards the end of the cleanse, I was already getting used to it and was enjoying it. I was feeling great. My favorite part of the cleanse was drinking the Bikini Smoothie in the mornings, they were really delicious and I would look forward to drinking them each day.

BC: How much weight did you lose? How many inches?

SJ: I ended up losing about 6 pounds, mostly all from my stomach and thigh area. I probably lost about 1/2” around my waist.*

BC: How did you feel once the cleanse was over?

SJ: Once the cleanse was over, I felt great. I felt much lighter and had more energy. I wasn’t feeling bloated anymore, was in a much better mood and my skin was glowing.

BC: Can you tell us about your daily routine during the cleanse? What workouts did you do? What recipes did you try? Etc.

SJ: My daily routine during the cleanse was drinking the Bikini Smoothie for breakfast, then I would have my water bottle with a Bikini Stick before lunch. For lunch I would usually have a lettuce-wrapped sandwich with plain tuna or vegetables, which was new for me because I’m usually quick to grab bread when I’m making a sandwich. For my afternoon snack I would have my second bottle of water with a Bikini Stick and for dinner, I would usually have plain salmon, plain mahi mahi, or plain chicken with lightly steamed vegetables. In the evenings, I did yoga about 3 times, pilates once and would walk a lot. I would then finish my days with the Bikini Tea.

BC: Is there anything special you want to share with us? Any stories?

SJ: I was really surprised at how great the Bikini Cleanse worked for me. I’m usually really negative about trying things like this because I always think it will never work.  However, this was proof that if you really focus your mind on something and you fight through it, you will definitely see results.

*Individual results may vary

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