Bikini Cleanse Testimonial with Amy Paffrath

One of the best things about Bikini Cleanse is the ability to eat well and lose weight while maintaining a busy schedule. That’s why Amy Paffrath, TV host and actress, loved her results with Bikini Cleanse! Amy says that Bikini Cleanse helped keep her on track and slim down before her trip to Puerto Rico. Our Bikini Cleanse testimonial with Amy Paffrath shows how a busy TV personality managed to lose weight without sacrificing great food or her social life!


BC: How did you first hear about BIKINI CLEANSE?

AP: I first heard about it at a pool party at the Roosevelt Hotel. A sweet girl gave me a sample of the shake. The next day, needing to detox from the festivities the day before, I tried it. It was delicious! I was blown away at how tasty the smoothie was! I have never had a healthy shake taste so good. It’s a creamy, creamsicle flavor. So, so good. I couldn’t wait to try the rest. The Bikini Sticks also taste great and the tea is such a nice night cap. I looked forward to every sip of every Bikini Cleanse product.


BC: Was this cleanse for a special occasion or trip?

AP: Both! My sister-in-law was getting married in Puerto Rico. I had a bachelorette in Palm Springs the weekend before. I was feeling bloated and puffy. I had done the Bikini Cleanse once before and loved it. It whipped me into great shape in just 7 days. I really felt leaner and had a flatter tummy. I knew it would work wonders in such a short amount of time so I went for it again.


BC: What was your health regimen (diet and workout routine) like before the 7-day cleanse? What’s it like now?

AP: I’ve always been pretty healthy, but I do let myself indulge. When I’m celebrating life events with my girlfriends, I’m not going to be the girl counting calories. I’m the one letting go, enjoying the champagne and cheese and worrying about it on Monday! Notwithstanding special occasions, I’m a pretty healthy eater. I avoid refined carbs and artificial sugar.  The cleanse is a good reset for me. It helps me get my mind right and gets me back on track with my healthy eating. I loved the recipes. I ate the “NY Style Bagel” today and I’ve been off the cleanse for over a month! It’s so good. Some of them are my go-to’s now!


BC: How did you feel during the cleanse? What was your biggest obstacles? What was your favorite part?

AP: I felt pretty great! I loved that it forced me to drink so much water. I love the flexibility I have with food and how many amazing recipes there are on the website. I did have to keep a low profile that week. It’s hard to go out with a friend and order without being a pain. Plus it’s tempting to drink [alcohol] so it was best for me to avoid social situations. I loved being able to get back on track. I start to enjoy natural foods and smaller portions and learn to use my own willpower over wanting to eat more than I need.


BC: What was it like using the cleanse with your very busy acting and hosting schedule? Any challenges?

AP: It can be challenging to plan ahead.  You can’t really take a chance on there being options you can eat so you have to bring your own meals.  It was really convenient to have a shake in the morning.  I love being able to make it and drink it on the go. It was also hard to avoid events and business meetings. If I simply couldn’t reschedule, I made a point to pick the place so I could be sure the menu suited my needs. My sister-in-law went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Lana Del Rey on my first day. I was so tempted to say ‘screw it’ and have some wine and start the next day. But we ate a rotisserie chicken and drank green tea. It was pretty perfect if you ask me!


BC: How much weight did you lose?

AP: I lost about 4-5 lbs!*


BC: How did you feel once the cleanse was over?

AP: I felt amazing. I felt back to normal and I had definitely lost some inches around my waist. My tummy and arms were slimmed up a bit. It was great!


BC: Can you tell us about your daily routine during the cleanse? What workouts did you do? What recipes did you try? Etc.

AP: I would either have a shake and then make a salad with lots of veggies for lunch or I’d have the poached eggs over kale or the eggs and avocado “NY Bagel” recipe for breakfast and a shake for lunch. For dinner I would make broiled salmon with zucchini or mushrooms or chicken and cauliflower. Sometimes I’d eat out at Tender Greens and get a side of veggies or get sashimi at my favorite sushi restaurant. I ate very simply. But I really like that. I kept my workouts the same. I work out 6 days a week. I vary my workouts with boxing, weight training, hiking and yoga/pilates. I was nursing a bit of a lower back injury on the cleanse so I took it easy. I actually did the videos for the 21 day Fix. They are 30 minute circuits that I really liked doing.  Especially because I could pop it in whenever I had time. I didn’t have to schedule a time with my trainer or rush to a class.


BC: Is there anything special you want to share with us about the Bikini Cleanse? Any stories? Any advice?

AP: I love doing the Bikini Cleanse! Stock up and stick to it. It’s rewarding and it really works.  I like getting creative with vegetables. I say, the more colors on your plate the better. Keep your eye on the prize and find a zen in the minimalism. It’s a pretty awesome experience!

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*Individual results may vary

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