Bikini Cleanse Recap & Reflection

Sebrin, one of the Editors at Bikini Cleanse, here for our Bikini Cleanse recap and what a week it has been! I’m so proud of you Bikini babes for sticking to your regimen, working hard at the gym, and not giving into temptation! Whether you’re sauntering down the beach in the Caribbean, sliding into your amazing wedding dress, or kicking off your new health regimen, you have worked hard to get through this cleanse and your results will show it!


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After hiking, dancing, drinking my Smoothies, and following my Bikini Passport guidelines I lost a total of 7 pounds on the Bikini Cleanse! My bloat has minimized, my hips have shrunk, and my jiggle has diminished! Time to go shopping and rock a new dress for a night out with my fiance!

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Babes, I want you to do some reflection on those questions we talked about on Day 6. Now that that the cleanse is over, you can truly think hard about your relationship with food and how it will determine your future. One of the many reasons we love Bikini Cleanse, is that it highlights food habits, addictions, or cravings that you might have been experiencing. Since Bikini Cleanse encourages 2 meals a day, the mood swings you might have experienced are not from hunger, but from a physiological response to a lack of certain foods. So, reflect what those foods are and let Bikini Cleanse help reveal who you are and who you aspire to be!


To all of my Bikini Babes, it’s been a fun ride!


Cheers to a year of good health, great fun and a fabulous journey of wellness!

xx Sebrin

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