Bikini Cleanse Bento Box Day 2

How excited are you to head back to school/work?! Okay, not really. But after checking out our Bikini Cleanse Bento Box Day 2 combo, you’ll be skipping to lunch! Hashtag your lunch with #lovelunchagain so we can see your masterpieces. Until then, enjoy the yum!






  • 2 Persian cucumbers

  • ½ cup of Bikini Cleanse guacamole (LINK)

  • 1 cherry tomato

  • 1 organic lemon

  • 1 bunch of organic celery

  • 1-2 free-range, hardboiled eggs

  • Organic Micro greens


Tools You Need


  • Bento Box

  • Small, spill proof tupperware




  1. Hard boil your eggs in the morning as you get ready for the day or the night before.

  2. The morning of, chop your tomato. Place your guacamole with the tomato in a spill proof container no larger than the Bento compartment.

  3. Slice cucumbers and celery and place in the Bento.

  4. Put in all remaining ingredients.

  5. When lunch comes around, use the celery and cucumbers as spears to dip in the guacamole. Top the guacamole on the hard boiled egg if desired!

cucumber celery hard boiled egg avocado lemon

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