Bikini Bro Testimonial with Kevin Elms

Our Bikini Babes aren’t the only ones who need a little detox pick-me-up. Sometimes, our Bikini Bros need some Bikini Cleanse lovin’ too! Kevin Elms, an accountant and actor in Los Angeles, decided to give Bikini Cleanse a try right before the holiday season and had some amazing results. Now, Kevin is spreading the word to all his guys out there!


BC: How did you first hear about BIKINI CLEANSE?

KE: My fiancee had tried BIKINI CLEANSE and saw great results. Since it’s usually easier for men to lose weight (sorry ladies), I figured that I might see crazy results and I did.


BC: Was this cleanse for a special occasion or trip?

KE: It wasn’t for anything special. I noticed that I had been getting lazy, not going to the gym and eating poorly. I wanted to get some quick results to motivate me to be better.


BC: What was your health regimen (diet and workout routine) like before the 7-day cleanse? What’s it like now?

KE: Over a year ago, I was eating right and working out 6 days a week. I was doing about 30 minutes of cardio and lifting weights each day. It was hard work, but I was 210 pounds of lean muscle (I have a big frame) and I had lots of energy. However, before the cleanse I was eating pizza, drinking soda, and had stopped going to the gym regularly. I was being a lazy ass. That’s why I was hoping the BIKINI CLEANSE would help me get back on track. Now, I have been better, but still need to step it up a bit. The holidays kicked my butt; there was too much good food and not a lot of gym time. The silver lining is the results I saw from the cleanse, keeping me motivated to get back to business.


BC: How did you feel during the cleanse? What was your biggest obstacles? What was your favorite part?

KE: The first couple days were pretty tough, but that’s to be expected when changing your routine. By the third day, I started to feel better and got creative with preparing my meals. My favorite part was actually the Bikini Sticks. They taste great and would help satisfy my hunger at rough moments of the diet.


BC: How much weight did you lose?

KE: I lost 13 pounds in 7 days.*


BC: How did you feel once the cleanse was over?

KE: I felt great. I felt very motivated to keep the healthy process going. If the holiday season didn’t get in the way, I probably would of kept all that weight off. I gained a couple back, but it’s to be expected during Christmas.


BC: Can you tell us about your daily routine during the cleanse? What workouts did you do? What recipes did you try? Etc.

KE: In terms of the cleanse, I followed the instructions 100%. I would usually work out mid-day and do almost 1 hour of cardio. I stayed off the weights because I didn’t want to gain any extra weight by building muscle. I really wanted to see if I could lose 15 pounds and I came close. My favorite recipe I made was steak bites with homemade guacamole. It was easy to prepare and modify to fit the diet. I just grilled some grass fed steak and made guacamole that consisted of 1 avocado, ¼ cup onion and ¼ cup tomato. Easy and tasty!!!

Guacamole with Tomatoes Onion and Avocado with Grass Fed Beef


BC: Did you find that you had to alter the diet/cleanse to fit your body’s needs?

KE: Since the cleanse is catered towards women, I upped my protein intake. I only ate chicken or steak as my protein source. Other than that it was pretty easy to follow the rules and routines.


BC: Any tips for our Bikini Bros out there?

KE: It is so easy to see a piece of candy during the cleanse and say, “It’s ok…it’s only one and I’ve been doing so good.” I found myself saying that a couple times, but didn’t act on it. If I did, it would have ruined the process. Results come if you work hard. If you take unnecessary breaks, you’ll let yourself down. Be strong.


BC: Is there anything special you want to share with us? Any stories?

KE: Every time someone would ask, “What is that you’re drinking?” or “What is this diet all about?” I would say, “It’s a diet for girls.” Surprisingly, the only people I know that have shown interest in trying it, are guys. Even my dad. Don’t let the packaging fool you… it works for everyone and now that I have seen the results, I would recommend it to anyone!

*Individual results may vary.

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