Bikini Bride Testimonial with Sachi Selvagn

From your bikini body to your decor, everything about your wedding day should look and feel beautiful! But while we may reach for perfection, sometimes it’s about appreciating the moment! As florist and wedding designer Sachi Selvagn says, “people get caught up in everything being perfect and it’s more important to enjoy the process and let the little things go.” Check out our bikini bride testimonial with Sachi Selvagn, who explains the importance of floral design, her amazing encounter with her husband, and of course, her out-of-this-world results with Bikini Cleanse!


BC: So Sachi, tell us a little bit about your business and what you do in New York!

SS: I’m a floral designer for weddings and events. I have my own design studio and I work with brides a lot. Life here is really fun! It’s really fashion forward and everything is exciting in this industry.

BC: So what was it like being a florist for weddings and then having to plan your own? Did you feel like more of a calm bride or were you just as equally unprepared?

SS: In some aspects I was calm and I didn’t care because I didn’t want to stress out about things that weren’t necessary. Like, “Why don’t we just eat Mexican food? It’ll be fine and it’ll taste good,” [laughs]. But with the flowers I was super crazy. Just very obsessive because I love flowers. I was trying to go for Beverly Hills Hotel but since I didn’t have it there I figured I would bring it to Eagle Rock. We had flowers, banana leaves and we played Elvis as we walked down the aisle. It was a little bit more light-hearted and it ended up being relaxed.

Banana leaves beverly hills hotel theme wedding

BC: So how did you meet your husband?

SS: It’s kind of a crazy story! I was living in Chicago and I was actually hit by a car, it was really crazy. I was in the hospital for a couple of months, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise or fate. I needed someone to drive me to school because it was my last year in college. My Mom was helping me out for a while because I needed physical therapy and she put this ad on Craigslist that said, ‘Drive my daughter to school.’ My husband had just moved to Chicago and was taking his [law] bar so he couldn’t have a serious job. He thought, when he applied, that he was going to be driving some little kid to school but it ended up being me. And we’ve been together ever since.

BC: Aw, that’s so kismet! That’s pretty spectacular!

SS: Yeah, it happened so long ago that it doesn’t seem very scary anymore. It’s an interesting story.

BC: Well now you have the man of your dreams, you’re living in New York and you have your own business. Life sounds pretty great! 

SS: Yeah it really worked out for us.

Blonde bride and groom in tux holding sign wedding

BC: So as a florist in the wedding industry or even having been a bride, do you have any bridal tips for planning or during the day-of?

SS: One thing I like to tell brides when they’re considering their wedding, is to make sure to choose a florist where their specialty is the style that they’re going for. For example, my signature style is a lush, wild, untamed, organic look and some brides will come to be for a super clean, edgy, modern look. Although I’m capable of doing that, it’s important to find a designer where that is what they do. You know what I mean?

wild floral centerpiece for wedding

BC: I do! The compatibility makes it easy to work with.

SS: Exactly. You want your florist to be excited about what they’re doing. Another piece of advice was from my dress designer. I got my dress from Leanne Marshall who was the winner of Project Runway Season 5. She’s the sweetest person in the world and she’s a talented designer. I went to her showroom in New York and she’s actually there making stuff. And she gave me great advice regarding the dress. She said, “Don’t diet too far ahead.” You know, a lot of brides will start way ahead of their date and you’ll peak at one point and just get sick of it. Your weight will fluctuate so much it will be hard to tell what size you are. So I took her advice and only started dieting about a couple of months before. I didn’t want to do a crash diet, but I also don’t like to work out all of the time [giggles].

BC: So how did Bikini Cleanse work for you? How did that tie into your wedding preparation?

SS: It worked really great. It sort of jump started the rest of my diet. I did it about 3 weeks before and it just kicked off my eating habits. I definitely wanted to wait until after the bachelorette party, which I recommend to all brides unless you’re doing the bachelorette party the week of. But the great thing about it, is that I didn’t feel like I wasn’t eating, because I actually was eating a lot. I didn’t feel confined by the diet because I had a lot of meal options which made it easier to do.

BC: So may I ask, how much weight you lost?

SS: I lost about 10 pounds overall.*

BC: Wow! That’s great!

SS: Yeah, I definitely had more energy.

BC: Did you do any workouts or prep alongside the Bikini Cleanse?

SS: I really just altered my eating lifestyle leading up to the wedding. I ate a little less and didn’t eat as much junk food. That way my body was ready for the cleanse as well as the wedding! I would usually have one beer with dinner but I decided to really just cut back to drinking on the weekends.

BC: It sounds like you really enjoyed your planning process. Like having a beer once in awhile and not feeling so stressed.

SS: Well one thing someone told me that I will never forget is that it goes by so fast, not just the day of but the weeks leading up to it. It’s easy to miss all of the great things that are happening because you’re so stressed. It’s a really special time where you get to have everyone in one place, so take pictures in your mind. Force yourself to take a moment to appreciate what’s going on around you because once it’s over, that’s it.

Blonde bride with veil and dress funny wedding pose

BC: Aw, that’s kind of sad and nice at the same time.

SS: I think people get caught up in everything being perfect and it’s more important to enjoy the process and let the little things go.

BC: It sounds, almost spiritual!

SS: [laughs] It is! And it really is important to cherish it because it only happens once!

*Individual results may vary.

**Photos courtesy of Kim Fox

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