Bikini Bride Testimonial with Rachel Meis

Wedding planning can be a real hassle for your health regimen, especially if you also own and operate a business! Bikini Bride and entrepreneur, Rachel Meis, used Bikini Cleanse to help her stick to a plan during her hectic schedule! She talked to us about how she managed her business while sticking to a plan, along with some great advice for brides out there!




BC: So could you tell us a little bit about your business?

RM: I have a PR firm, we specialize in jewelry and beauty. We just turned 3 this last year which was really exciting and we mainly work with stylists as well as editors in New York and that’s what takes up most of my time.

BC: Awesome, are there any special companies or people you work with here in Los Angeles?

RM: Our client’s have had product placements on celebrities such as Lea Michelle, Jennifer Lawrence, Tina Fey, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez; as well as such publications as Lucky Magazine, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Who What Wear, Refinery29, People Style Watch and Vogue. We have a range of $20 pieces to $10,000 pieces. We have anything from Jessica Alba, who will be traveling and Europe and she will need pieces that she can travel with but are still lux as well as maybe hitting a red carpet premier, we have pieces that work for that too.

BC: Sounds fabulous! Is there a piece that you specialize in or something that’s very popular that you work with?

RM: I think for us, it’s more of the versatility because jewelry is such a wide array of things. One of my clients said, “You can always find someone who can do it cheaper, but the thing is if you’re going to find a pair of diamond earrings for $100, there’s probably a reason they are $100.” So I like to educate the stylist as well as our clients and our consumers about it being gold filled, or the materials, so that you’re really understanding what you’re buying and what you’re using. I really like to educate our clients and make sure people know what they’re using as well as the craftsmanship that goes behind our pieces.

BC: How did you get into this business? It seems so cool and intense!

RM: It’s funny! I didn’t think I would go into jewelry at all! I originally was a public relations major with a theater arts minor and I wanted to do events. And then I moved to LA for a job opportunity that specialized in jewelry. I grew up in jewelry. My dad is in the industry, my aunt is in the industry, and I remember picking diamonds off the floor in my Dad’s shop when I was growing up in San Diego. So I’ve always been around it and with that comes the knowledge. I never thought that was the direction I would go but sometimes there’s always a greater plan.

BC: So, in all of this, how did you meet your husband?

RM: I met him at school! Yeah, we’ve been together a very long time! I met him when we were in college and we were actually in an organization together. It was funny because we were silently dating for 6 months because if anyone had known they would think it would have been a marketing ploy.

BC: Really?

RM: Yeah [laughs]. Because I was the president of one organization and he was the president of another and had anyone known it would have been this big thing, so we were very hush hush. Now of course, years later, everyone knows.

BC: And what was your wedding like?

RM: Our wedding was wonderful. We wanted to take elements from us and our journey together and put it into our wedding. When we first started dating, we traveled to Istanbul together and it was Christmas time and the market lights there are just so beautiful. So it was important to add those market lights… We go to the Hamptons every summer and every time we go we stop at Nat Sherman Cigars. It’s the cigar shop in New York and we always go get the ‘Hampton Cigar’. So for the wedding, we had sent out enough cigars for everybody and had a cigar section and everyone was smoking. It was just little parts of us that people would get. Our guestbook was actually a recipe book!

Wedding Ceremony

BC: How sweet!

RM: Yeah, we really just wanted to have a fun party! My husband is Russian so we did vodka shots! [laughs] I wanted a really great weekend with great people.

BC: That is so awesome! Do you have any tips for brides out there?

RM: You have to figure out what you want to fight for. What’s important to you. Realize something will go wrong, and if nothing does, Thank God. But go into your day and just say “screw it” because at that point there’s nothing you can do. Letting go and realizing this is going to happen, and it will all work out. Also, when it comes to bridesmaids, pick the girls who will keep you sane. It’s ok to not pick your best friend for your maid of honor if she would be a shitty bridesmaid or best lady. You have to pick the girl that’s going to know when you need a shot, know when you need gingerale, who can just help you keep it together, and that’s going to help you get through the day.


Bride and Bridesmaids Pink and White Dress


BC: Wow, you know that’s the only time I’ve ever heard that tip.

RM: It’s the best tip!

BC: I love hearing this advice! I could talk to you about this all day! I also wanted to ask, in addition to Bikini Cleanse, how did you prepare for your wedding?

RM: I go to the gym frequently, I try to work out 2-3 times a week and I like swimming and functional training. But I was so busy up to the wedding. I had business trips, I was Bikini Cleansing before I went to Miami Fashion Week… It’s like a wedding is another job. It’s hard enough being an entrepreneur to find time to eat and do things. But Bikini Cleanse helped to keep me eating, which I have to say, is my favorite part about Bikini Cleanse. It reminded me how many veggies I wasn’t eating.

BC: Do you remember your results with Bikini Cleanse?

RM: Yes! I lost the pounds! 10 pounds before my wedding,* that was it! I didn’t necessarily notice in my before and after pictures, but that little pooch was gone! I have never been able to get rid of that bloat-Bikini Cleanse did it!

Rachel Meis Wedding Dress


BC: I know exactly what you mean! Did you look great in your wedding dress? What was it like?

RM: I wanted this lace gown, I had this whole idea. We ended up finding this dress and everything is strapless. So I thought, ‘What if we found a dress with detachable sleeves?’ No joke, we found a dress with detachable sleeves, as soon as I put it out there in the world, it happened. I found my dress with Dresses by Liza and she is amazing. They had sent in the wrong vail and I saw her custom make my vail by hand. But once I got my dress, we started making a few alterations that I liked.

Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City Wedding Shoes and Wedding Dress


BC: And finally, where did you honeymoon?

RM: Tahiti! We did 10 days, 3 islands. Every room got a little better. We ended on an overwater hut. It was amazing.

BC: That’s so wonderful! Do you have any travel tips or go-to travel items?

RM: Well I travel a lot so everything is always in travel size. But my biggest travel tip: If you forget it, you can buy it. Because I notoriously can overpack. Even when I was in Mammoth this weekend, I overpacked and ended up in my PJs half the time. You’ll always find it. If you need to, the hotel can wash it for you. Unless you’re going somewhere in Mongolia, you’ll find. it. Also, bring an empty water bottle. A refillable bottle, because wherever you go, whether its the airport or the beach, just to have a water bottle that you know you can fill just makes everything easier. Most of the time water is expensive, and you can just go to the hotel and ask them to fill it for you.

BC: Wow, this is all amazing, your advice is like gold! Thank you!


Rachel Meis Bride with Pink Bridesmaids


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